Early April and summer 2019 guest barista: David Rovics!  Come hang out with me on Opening Day!

For a week in April and from late June through late August, 2019 my family and I will be running Cafe Hellebaek, a little cafe located in a village north of Helsingor, directly on the salt water straits that separate Denmark from Sweden (which is close enough to be easily visible on the other side).  The cafe is easily accessible by train from Copenhagen, Helsingor, etc., and it’s directly on a bike path that goes all the way along the water to Copenhagen.  There’s also a parking lot.

Here are some of the things you can expect to find at Cafe Hellebaek throughout the summer of 2019:

  • The best espresso drinks in town (I’m a good barista and it’s a small town)
  • Delicious, healthy snacks
  • Delicious, unhealthy snacks
  • A weekly song swap (bring an instrument!)
  • Art
  • Other cultural events…

If you get on my email list I’ll keep you updated on Cafe Hellebaek events.  Also feel free to “like” Cafe Hellebaek on Facebook and review it on Google (especially after you’ve tried my cortados).

The location is beautiful, with forest paths, a little fairy train through the woods, and lots of nice people.  The nearby city of Helsingor is gorgeous, and includes an old castle, from which the state-sponsored pirates that used to run the place made a lot of money by holding ships for ransom back in the day.  Hellebaek is also one of the little villages from which the Danish Resistance ferried 95% of Denmark’s Jewish population safely to Sweden at the beginning of October, 1943.

If you’re an artist who wants to display some art, especially if it has a climate change-related theme, or if you’re a musician who might like to do a feature set in one of the song swaps or perhaps another sort of gig, I’d love to hear from you.  And any and all other sorts of suggestions for what we should do with the cafe for the summer are also most welcome!

Here’s a little bit of background about the cafe, and the project behind it, in the form of episode 19 of my weekly podcast.